DS, a new electric SUV to challenge the Audi Q5 from 2024

DS, a new electric SUV to challenge the Audi Q5 from 2024


By the end of 2024 DS Automobiles plans to bring to the market a new large electric SUV capable of challenging a best seller on the European market such as the Audi Q5 on equal terms, after the French company has undermined the dominance of the Audi Q3 by bringing the DS 7 SUV to the market.

The DS range will finally be complete with the release of this new SUV, after having seen the DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 models arrive on the market and DS 9; the name is still unknown for the moment, while on a technical level we know that the test phase of the vehicle has already begun and that the dimensions have reduced significantly compared to the concept, called Aero Sport Lounge, which was 5 meters long.

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According to the first rumors, the DS electric SUV will have an important range, close to 700 km, a result that will only be possible to achieve thanks to a full-bodied battery pack and the most advanced electric mobility technologies; DS will undoubtedly use the new battery already seen on the DS 3, whose range it claims is 320 km with 50 kWh of capacity.

In this situation, DS can benefit from being a relatively young brand, albeit with a long history: today's car market knows very little about DS and this gives the French house the opportunity to reinvent itself as an automaker specializing in electric vehicles without disappointing its current customers.

“We can attract customers with the history of electrification. This is what Tesla did, all we have to do is create a story. It is for this reason that we are the first of the Stellantis Group to launch the new battery and powertrain on the DS 3.”

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