Honda, the CEO talks about the future of the internal combustion engine

Honda, the CEO talks about the future of the internal combustion engine


It's certainly no secret that Japanese automakers are a bit behind on electrification compared to the competition, also due to strong doubts about the possibility of radically changing mobility technologies in such a time frame so restricted: in a recent interview with Reuters, the CEO of Honda, Toshihiro Mibe, spoke about the future of mobility, both electric and endothermic, giving his opinion on what the future of mobility will be and should be.

The first argument is widespread and we have heard it in every possible way: “ The charging infrastructure is not ready to meet the needs of our customers“, an argument that is indeed very frequent but which is also important to repeat until the nausea to make world governments understand that a transition to electric mobility cannot be pushed until at least this aspect is taken seriously. Mibe, speaking instead of the future of the internal combustion engine, he stated that in his opinion it will be impossible to see it exit the scene before 2040, if not beyond.

“I have worked in engine development for more than 30 years, the electric transition is a little threat to me but I have to separate my personal feelings from what is the future of the automotive industry.”

Despite the misgivings of its CEO, Honda is investing millions of dollars in electrification, mainly in the United States where it has set up a joint venture with LG Energy to open a factory for the production of batteries that should open its doors in 2025.

Unlike other competing companies, however, Honda has decided not to focus exclusively on electrification and will continue to do research on alternative ways such as that represented by synthetic fuels, to date still far from a price that allows them to be competitive on the market.