This backpack allows you to always carry the Raspberry Pi with you

This backpack allows you to always carry the Raspberry Pi with you

Raspberry Pi is a Single Board Computer with a rather compact form factor that can already be taken with you provided you have the right cables or integrate it into a more complete device, perhaps also equipped with a keyboard and monitor . However, someone has decided to take it a step further, making it an integral part of a backpack that you can always comfortably have with you in any situation.

Let's talk about the maker Averadian, who is currently completing the case for Raspberry Pi and its battery for power supply, but the addition of an I/O panel on the side is also planned, so as to provide faster access to the various ports for connecting external peripherals.

Currently, Averadian uses a Raspberry Pi 4 inside a cardboard box, housed inside a metal enclosure that doubles as a heat sink. A display was placed in the front pocket of the backpack, protected by a cover on the back. In the future, there are also plans to add fans to help cool the Raspberry Pi 4.

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Started just for fun, this project could prove to be particularly interesting for some use cases, such as pentesting on the go, i.e. security testing. As you well know, the possibilities are virtually endless with a Raspberry Pi, so everyone is sure to find something useful.

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A couple of weeks ago, we also talked to you of another interesting project, created by Jess Peter, which uses a Raspberry Pi to create a virtual assistant which, in addition to answering the questions asked, is also displayed in 3D thanks to a custom-made holographic projector and is animated. For more information, we refer you to our previous dedicated article .