BeReal: what do members think of the new "authentic" social network?

BeReal: what do members think of the new authentic social network?


The Photo AiD  website carried out an interesting survey on a sample of 900 BeReal users, analyzing their experiences with the app, to try to understand if the social network could have the potential to become the next giant of social media.

In December 2019 BeReal made its appearance in the world of social networks, proposing itself as an alternative to Instagram capable of being able to show the real lives of content creators, limiting their daily posts and giving the possibility to publish content only at certain times of the day established by the app.

The new app was downloaded over 53 million times globally in October 2022 after a long period lived almost anonymously. While this number doesn't compare to more famous social networks such as Facebook (which has more than 5.3 billion downloads), it is a significant increase compared to the month of August, when the app was downloaded approximately 28 million times . Overall, 2022 was the year of greatest growth for BeReal.

BeReal users according to research

The research results underline that:

88% of users open the app daily, but only 77% publish content people spend between 20 and 40 minutes a day on the platform 35% of respondents find notifications of “ Time To BeReal” useful, 23% find them motivating and 18% encouraging 43% of users, redeem a BeReal 3-4 times before publishing it 82% of users admit that at least once they have waited for more interesting moments than the their day, before taking a photo to publish, 68% of those interviewed expressed the fear of being excluded on the platform, while 35% argue that this feeling is more intense than on other social networks The users interviewed declared on average that they use the app every day with a percentage equal to 88%. Only 12% do not access the app on a daily basis. According to further research, only 77% of users post a photo daily.

Although BeReal imposes a limit on the publication of content to avoid fueling a cycle of addiction on the part of users, the data indicates that people they spend an average of 20-40 minutes on the platform. These times are not very far from the estimates made on other social networks such as TikTok, whose average is around 52 minutes a day.

Overall, 8 out of 10 users said they had a positive experience on the platform and overall, 79% of users have a very favorable opinion of the social network.

Is it really possible to remain authentic?

BeReal encourages users to remain authentic, rowing against the trend of wanting to appear different at all costs that invades other social networks, but in essence will it really be like this?

80% of the interviewees believe that BeReal offers the possibility of being yourself. A further 75% believe that BeReal relieves the pressure to look aesthetically perfect, even though 43% of respondents said they redo the shot several times before posting it.

Although the app is built to show the people's daily lives, 8 out of 10 users are not yet ready to put everything out there.

And you, what do you think of BeReal? Do you think the app is just another novelty from the passing success, or will it be able to save itself at the end of the hype? Will it soon be copied by some other social media giant or will it keep its main features exclusive? Let us know what you think in the comments.