The Sandman 2 announced by Netflix and Neil Gaiman, second season confirmed

The Sandman 2 announced by Netflix and Neil Gaiman, second season confirmed

The Sandman 2 announced by Netflix and Neil Gaiman

There is now certainty about The Sandman 2, given that the second season of the Netflix TV series has been practically announced by the company and by Neil Gaiman, who has relaunched a teaser trailer for the rest of the series reporting that "the dream continues".

The Sandman has achieved considerable success on Netflix, but despite this there was still no certainty of a continuation of the series, which obviously has changed in the past few hours with the decision to move forward. Neil Gaiman himself announced the production of the second season with the tweet below, which also shows a vague teaser trailer for the sequel.

"The rumors are true, Netflix is ​​happy that many of you have watched Sandman and the things we hoped would happen ... actually happened," the author wrote on Twitter, along with the short video of presentation . In this we see the iconic helmet of Morpheus emerging from a sea of ​​sand, with the promise that "the dream continues", even if we don't know when.

For the rest, there is no precise information on the timing of the release of the new season or on its composition in terms of episodes. To tell the truth, as Polygon also points out, in the information released by Netflix there is never even a reference to a new season, since we are talking about "new episodes". This could suggest a different scan, perhaps without the definition of Season 2 but with simply more episodes that enrich the current series.

In any case, we are waiting to learn more, as we learn that the creative team remained essentially unchanged, with Allan Heinberg, David S. Goyer and Neil Gaiman himself leading the project. "There is a family dinner ahead, after all", wrote Gaiman in the official statement, "and Lucifer is awaiting the return of Morpheus to Hell ..." Add to this the fact that we will get to know "the rest of the Eternals ", according to Goyer, so there are already clues to the continuation of the story.

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