1997: Escape from New York with Kurt Russell will have its sequel

1997: Escape from New York with Kurt Russell will have its sequel


1997: Escape from New York, the cult feature film from 1981 with Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, will get a real sequel! As announced by the creators behind this new project, the film will not be a remake, but will continue the story told in the first chapter. Let's find out more details about this new production together.

The sequel to 1997: Escape from New York

Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Chad Villella, also known for being the creators of the sixth feature film in the Scream franchise, are working to bring fans a new film that is part of the Escape from New York franchise. Unfortunately, the information in this regard is still very little, however the team has officially confirmed, according to reports, that the new film will see a series of completely unpublished new events at the center of the story.

1997: Escape from New York TylerGillett, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly about Scream VI, shared his reverence for the 1981 film, comparing their plans to what they did with the Scream franchise.

Not a remake. This is one of those properties that you can't touch, it's somehow untouchable to us, it lives in its own stratosphere. He's very important to us, we love him. So it's going to be no different than Scream, it's going to be a continuation of what we love about those characters and that world.

What can we expect from this production?

The decision by the creative team to propose a real sequel to Escape from New York brings with it a huge number of possibilities in terms of script and storytelling. However, the project is still in the early stages of development, and according to reports there will not be a definitive script before 2023. Will we see Snake Plissken return to the big screen? While waiting to find out more, we inform you that the first film of the franchise is available on Amazon in 4K UHD!