Will Samsung SoC with AMD Graphics Arrive in July?

Will Samsung SoC with AMD Graphics Arrive in July?

At Computex 2021: AMD announced its collaboration with Samsung to develop a new SoC with integrated RDNA 2 graphics. In fact, the first partnership between Samsung and AMD dates back to 2019, the year in which the first works for the Exynos chips began. The new flagship model, which we will probably find in the new generation of Galaxy smartphones (and perhaps also in some laptops), should have tread the scenes by the end of June, but it seems that Samsung has decided to postpone the presentation directly to next month. .

According to some information deriving from the leak, provided by the Ice Universe Twitter profile, during the Samsung event scheduled for the month of July we should see the revelation of the technical specifications and performance of this processor. What little we know so far is that since the Exynos chip is based on the RDNA2 GPU, ray tracing and variable rate shading (VRS) will definitely be supported.

Another unknown could be that concerning the fact that in some countries the Exynos processors are replaced by Snapdragons produced by Qualcomm: we do not yet know if these choices will be confirmed, but in the event that the new generation processors should be more performing than those produced by Qualcomm, it is reasonable to think that Samsung will not make distinctions on the chip to be used, regardless of the target market.

Some time ago we had witnessed the statements of the CEO of Nvidia, who stated that, according to him, the time has not yet come to bring ray-tracing to the smartphone market, since they would not yet be ready and it would not be possible to make the most of the improvements made by this technology: apparently AMD and Samsung don't think so, and this collaboration could truly take smartphone graphics performance to a new level, thus breaking the conco rrenza.

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