Pro-I Evo, the Ducati electric scooter

Pro-I Evo, the Ducati electric scooter

Pro-I Evo

While the controversy over electric scooters rages and the misfortunes (real or alleged) they are causing on our roads, another famous brand enters the arena. Ducati has in fact presented its Pro-I Evo, already on sale at a recommended price of around 500 Euros.

The specifications include a 350 watt electric motor capable of recharging from scratch in just over half a minute. Now. As with all modern vehicles, there are three driving modes: according to the user's needs, the speed can be limited (25Km / h) by increasing the maximum battery life or vice versa. Being designed primarily for urban travel, it can be folded back on itself in an instant thanks to the easy folding system.

Ducati has collaborated with MT Distribution and Italdesign for the creation of Pro-I Evo. The latter was responsible for creating an app that acts as a virtual assistant to users. Once installed on our smartphone and connected to the scooter, it keeps track of all the statistics relating to our movements, the status of the batteries and so on. In the event of an emergency, it is also possible to contact technical support directly in order to have immediate help in solving problems.

Looking at the official technical data sheet, we see that the Pro-I Evo has a maximum range of 100Kg, weighs a total of 12 Kg and can travel a maximum of 25 Km. This last figure, as always for electric vehicles, is very optimistic and based on practically ideal climatic and use conditions (more likely to go down to 20km or even less). On the safety side, we have the classic motorcycle style front / rear brake duo with the second disc type.

The most significant aspect, however, remains the design, elegant and minimalist like the Ducati school. The logos on the handles, the glossy black color and the details highlighted in red certainly make it more attractive than its competitors. Enough to pay for it more than another scooter? Only the market will tell us.

Ducati Releases First Electric Two-Wheeler Priced Under $500

a close up of a handcart: Ducati Pro-I Evo Right Side © Copyright Ducati Pro-I Evo Right Side

E-scootering, Italian-style.

The Ducati Pro-I Evo e-scooter is here, folks! If you’ve thought about getting yourself an e-scooter, but wanted to wait for the Ducati take on the rapidly expanding genre, your wait is officially over. It’s an integral part of the Ducati Urban e-Mobility line, and offers pretty much the exact type of styling and you’d expect when considering what a Ducati e-scooter might look like. 

Manufactured under license by MT Distribution—which is also hard at work on the Aprilia eSR1—this e-scoot can, quite naturally, connect to your smartphone via an app. The app was designed by Italdesign, and is available in both the Google Play and Apple App Stores. By using it, you’ll be able to monitor your Pro-I Evo’s performance (including battery health) in real time, as well as its location. You’ll also be able to get instant chat support, should you run into difficulties with your newest Ducati. 

The Pro-I Evo e-scooter is powered by a 350W electric motor located in the front wheel. The battery is a 36V 7.8Ah 280Wh unit, which Ducati says can charge in about 3/5 of an hour, or just a bit over half an hour. Range is estimated at 25 to 30 kilometers on a single charge, which is about 15 to 18.6 miles.  

It features three ride modes: Eco, D, and S, which offer different max speed limitations. Eco will let you travel up to 6 kilometers per hour, or about 3.7 mph. D ups the limit slightly, to 20 kph or less (or 12.4 mph or less), and S jacks up your possible top speed to a blistering 25 kph (or 15.5 mph) on the diminutive e-scoot. Riding along on 8.5-inch wheels (with inflatable tires to cushion, but still) at that speed probably feels like you’re flying.  

Of course, if you’re going that fast, you’ll want to stop at some point. A front e-brake and a rear disc brake will help you. The display up on the handlebars is a color LED unit for clear visibility while you’re rocketing past all those people out walking instead. Total weight of the Pro-I Evo e-scooter is 12 kg, or about 26.4 pounds, and it can support a weight up to 100 kg, or just over 220 pounds.  

In other words, you could theoretically pack up your Ducati laptop and your Pro-I Evo e-scooter for a weekend away in a remote town on your Multistrada, if you really wanted to do so. There’s a Ducati for every journey, long or short. MSRP is 399 Euros, or about $477, which makes this the least expensive Ducati two-wheeler by a country kilometer. 

Source: Ducati Urban E-Mobility via Motociclismo