Intel: LGA 1800 socket spotted, what will change compared to LGA1700?

Intel: LGA 1800 socket spotted, what will change compared to LGA1700?


The well-known hardware leaker @momomo_us has published a photo of a LGA-17xx / LGA-18xx socket cover, thus indicating that the two will have some similarities, such as the same physical dimensions and consequently the same support for cooling systems.

Credit: momomo_us The upcoming Intel Alder Lake desktop processors will use the LGA1700 socket, marking Intel's first radical upgrade to its desktop CPU sockets since 2004. The new LGA1700 will retain the 37.5mm width of the 'current, but it will be a little longer (45mm). This means it may need several mechanisms for mounting the heatsinks. More importantly, the new CPUs are expected to be 0.8mm shorter than today's processors.

Unlike Intel's LGA1700, which has been in discussion for some time, the LGA1800 has been mentioned only once, by Igor Walossek of Igor'sLab. Walossek did not say whether the LGA1700 and LGA1800 sockets will coexist or if the latter will succeed the former. Since the origins of the photo are unknown, obviously all information must be taken with a grain of salt.

There are a few different theories about the LGA1800 socket:

Intel may use LGA1800 for CPUs with some special capabilities. For example, models with unlocked multiplier, CPU with integrated high-performance GPU, or Xeon processors that may use the socket to allow for better power delivery and performance. This will create a lot of headaches for PC makers and motherboard designers, so Intel is unlikely to go that route. LGA1800 could be used for future processors that will require a radically different power delivery system. For example, Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs will feature a multi-tile design and the tiles will be made using different process technologies. LGA115x / LGA1200 sockets have shared mechanical parts and mounting mechanisms for cooling systems since the early 2010s, but they had different pin assignments and power supply circuits. In addition, special protrusions prevent installation of a CPU in the wrong socket. For this very reason, it's no surprise that Intel unifies as many components as possible between its LGA1700 and LGA1800 sockets.

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