Computex 2021, here are the new Tiger Lake U series processors from Intel

Computex 2021, here are the new Tiger Lake U series processors from Intel

Computex 2021

Intel kicked off Computex 2021 by introducing two new 11th-generation Tiger Lake U-series chips, including a new Core i7 model which is the first chip for the ultra-thin notebook segment boasting a 5.0GHz boost speed. br>
Intel's two new Tiger Lake U-series chips, the Core i7-1195G7 and the Core i5-1155G7, fit in as the new flagships for the Core i7 and Core i5 families. These two processors are UP3 models, which means that they operate with a variable TDP from 12 to 28 W, and are equipped with all the standard features of the Tiger Lake family, such as the 10nm SuperFin process, the Willow Cove cores, the graphics chip. Iris Xe and support for LPDDR4x-4266, PCI Express 4.0, Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 / 6E memory.

Intel expects the full range of its Tiger Lake portfolio to be present in 250 models of laptops from major manufacturers, such as Lenovo, MSI, Acer and ASUS, 60 of which are equipped with the new 1195G7 and 1155G7 chips. The four-core, eight-thread Core i7-1195G7 offers a 5.0GHz single-core boost, which according to Intel is the highest ever for the ultrabook segment. Intel has also increased the maximum boost speed on all cores up to 4.6GHz.

The Santa Clara company aims to further optimize the 10nm SuperFin manufacturing process and improve the platform design to increase the boost clock rates. Notably, the 1195G7's base frequency has been lowered by 100 MHz to 2.9 GHz, likely to keep the chip within the 28W threshold. As with the other G7 models, the chip is equipped with the integrated Iris Xe GPU with 96EU, but this unit runs at 1.4 GHz, a small increase from the 1165G7's 1.35GHz.

The 1195G7's 5.0 GHz boost clock rate is also provided by Intel's Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology, which works in tandem with the operating system scheduler to target the fastest core on the chip ( “Preferred core”) single-threaded workloads, thus allowing for greater performance in this area. Notably, the new 1195G7 is the only Tiger Lake UP3 model to support this technology.

The four-core, eight-thread Core i5-1155G7 offers more modest improvements over its predecessor, with a boost clock that increases by 100MHz up to 4.5GHz and a clock frequency on all cores that is carried up to 4.3GHz. We also see the same 100MHz drop in base clock found on the 1195G7. Finally, this chip comes with the integrated Iris Xe GPU, equipped with 80EU, which operates at 1.35GHz. If you want to learn more about the current range of AMD and Intel CPUs, we recommend that you read our guide to the best PC processors.

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Intel announces new 11th Gen Intel Core mobile processors, first 5G M.2 solution and more during Computex keynote

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Intel unveiled a slate of new products during the company's keynote at Computex. 

Intel debuted two new 11th Gen Intel Core mobile U-series processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics -- i7-1195G7 and i5-1155G7 -- that are built for what they called 'thin-and-light' laptops.

These two processors are the first 5.0 GHz in the U-series and 'accelerate the number of designs with Intel Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+).' The company plans to build more than 60 new consumer designs using the two new processors and almost 250 OEM designs based on 11th Gen Intel Core. 

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HP, Acer and ASUS will be part of the first group of OEMs to use the 11th Gen Intel Core U- and H-series this year, according to a statement from Intel. 

The company is planning on announcing dozens more designs in 2022 as part of new deals with HP, DoCoMo, MediaTek and China Mobile. 

In addition to the new processors, Intel announced its first 5G M.2 solution with worldwide carrier certification. The tool is a culmination of a recently announced pact with Fibocom and MediaTek.