Ukiyo-e by master Hokusai becomes a scratching post for cats

Ukiyo-e by master Hokusai becomes a scratching post for cats

Are you a fan of cats and Japan? Why not combine these two passions together by giving your pet a scratching post inspired by ukiyo-e art, the Japanese art print on paper, imprinted with wooden matrices, born in the Edo period?

Basically, i Paintings make a good impression at home, especially those inspired by Japanese art, but they may not be very safe if you live with one or more sharp-clawed felines. So here comes a scratching post designed for both your cats and you, inspired by the famous painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa by the master Hokusai, first published between 1830 and 1831, the first and most famous work from the series entitled Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji.

The scratching post inspired by the work The Big Wave off Kanagawa

This magnificent scratching post was created by the brand Japanese Felissimo. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it is designed to help your pet take care of its nails: it is in fact made of laminated cardboard, with a non-slip coating on the underside, sturdy and stable.

The scratching post, however, does not it is only for cats to sharpen their nails, but it is also a perfect place for felines to relax. In fact the designers have made sure that the curve of the wave is just the right size to doze off.

What is particularly impressive is that the designers have done such a good job of recreating the painting that actually works extremely well as interior decoration too:

The Great Wave scratching post off Kanagawa can be ordered online here through Felissimo Nekobu, priced at 9,875 yen (74.70 euro), and as often happens with the company's products, part of the cost will be donated to animal protection organizations.

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