Overwatch 2: compromises with the Switch version inevitable

Overwatch 2: compromises with the Switch version inevitable

Overwatch 2

According to current plans, the online shooter Overwatch 2 will not only appear for the PC and the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, but also for the Nintendo Switch. However, fans will have to be prepared to accept some compromises when it comes to porting.

As Technical Director John Lafleur of Blizzard Entertainment explained during a question and answer session at Reddit.com, the team has to deal with technical issues Reason for compromising the development on the Switch.

"As the hardware has evolved since the launch of Overwatch, we are expanding the OW2 engine with additional high-end features. We are also working hard to that all of our platforms can offer the best possible experience - even in PvE. The Switch is a bit more challenging than the rest of the way in this regard, and we have to make some compromises there. Because of this, some of the high-end effects won't be visible there. We'll focus First of all, to be able to offer all gameplay-relevant features and then to follow up with as many additional features as possible. "

Accordingly, Overwatch 2 on the Nintendo Switch will probably not quite reach the graphics level of the other versions. However, it remains to be seen whether and how severe these optical compromises will ultimately be. These compromises are unlikely to have any impact on the actual game. Incidentally, no specific release date has yet been set for the online shooter. Publication is not expected before 2022, however.

Source: Reddit.com

Developer Confirms Nintendo Switch Release Of 'Overwatch 2' But There's A Catch

  • 'Overwatch 2' was announced in November 2019
  • It will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Its exact official release date remains unknown
  • 'Overwatch 2' developer Blizzard has confirmed that the title is still set to launch on Nintendo Switch, but it looks like the game would have to sacrifice some of its elements to run smoothly on the hybrid platform.

    The latest information about the game being released on Nintendo Switch came from 'Overwatch 2' technical director John Lafleur, who answered some questions about the upcoming sequel during a recent AMA on Reddit.

    According to Lafleur, the sequel would still be released on Nintendo Switch. Moreover, the gaming studio would reportedly ensure that all gameplay-related features would be available in the game's Switch version.

    However, he noted on Reddit's AMA that in terms of technical enhancements and visuals, 'Overwatch 2' on Switch would have 'some compromises.'

    'As hardware has advanced since the launch of Overwatch, we are extending the OW2 engine with more high-end features,' Lafleur said. 'However, we're also working hard to make sure all of our platforms get the best experience, even in PvE.'

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    Blizzard's technical director also explained to fans on the discussion site that 'Switch is a little more challenging than some, and we'll have to make some compromises there.'

    'For that reason, some of the higher end visual enhancements might not be visible, there,' he said further. 'We'll focus on making sure all of the gameplay-related features get in, first, and then accentuate with additional features as much as possible.'

    Unfortunately, Lafleur did not elaborate on what kind of compromises 'Overwatch 2' would give, but his answers suggested that the developers would prioritize performance over visual enhancements.

    The recent Reddit AMA also revealed that Blizzard could not assure fans that the sequel would launch on Switch on the same release date as other ports.

    'Overwatch 2' is the upcoming sequel of the hit 2016 team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game. The game was announced in November 2019.

    It is currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It might also launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. To this day, Blizzard has not revealed when it plans to release 'Overwatch 2.'