PS5 will implement betting, according to a recent patent

PS5 will implement betting, according to a recent patent

PS5 will implement betting

For several weeks now, it has been possible to find a series of patents registered by Sony on the major newspapers. We've seen all kinds of them, from artificial intelligences playing for us to even more realistic VR experiences. As these are patents, nothing concrete exists for the moment, but it is nice to think that the Japanese company is developing increasingly intriguing features for its PS5.

Last March an incredible news shocked the web, we are obviously talking about the acquisition of the EVO by Sony. The Evolution Championship Series is the most important sporting event for fighting video games, in recent years it has grown exponentially with online viewers that have increased dramatically. This has led the Japanese company to focus heavily on this world, despite the fact that fighting titles are quite niche.

The new patent, registered on May 13, in question would be based on a system aimed at give viewers the opportunity to bet in real time. The idea is to access a sort of virtual simulation that can help the bettor by providing him with a series of statistics and so on. According to the patent, it will be possible to bet both real money and in-game items.

Although the patent is, at the moment, only an idea, it is important to point out that there is a fine line not to be crossed. If this were concrete, it could create many problems, especially for those who suffer from gambling addiction. In short, to date it is not clear what it is specifically, it is possible that in the coming months Sony will be able to inform us more about it and how it can be inserted in our PS5. We therefore invite you to stay tuned to our pages to find out more details with us. In the meantime let us know your opinion below in the dedicated section.

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