London debuts the first fleet of hydrogen buses

London debuts the first fleet of hydrogen buses

Thanks to an investment of 6 million pounds, the city of London has made a fleet of 20 fuel cell buses available to users, thus joining the current fleet of 500 full electric vehicles already present and operational. A new step forward therefore for the British capital which aims at zero emissions and consequently becomes one of the greenest metropolises in the world.

Electric mobility is growing exponentially all over the world if we consider that the electrification will gradually lead to a paradigm shift not only for passenger cars but also for all other types of transport, including two-wheelers, buses, light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Built by the Wrightbus company in collaboration with Luxfer, the 20 double-decker fuel cell buses become part of the city's plan in order to achieve the complete decarbonisation of public transport in London. Not surprisingly,

the new buses will expand the fleet of the local transport company, Transport for London (TfL), and will be in service on line 7, between East Acton and Oxford Circus.

Our investment in these hydrogen buses helps us not only clean up London's air but supports local jobs and economies across the UK, the Mayor enthusiastically commented.

According to reports, the new hydrogen buses can be refueled in just 5 minutes at the refueling station of the Danish company, Nel Hydrogen, while the Air Liquide plant located in Runcorn will produce the hydrogen. Wrightbus itself also announced that the vehicles can fill up with 25 kilograms of H2 in just 10 minutes, reaching a range of approximately 400 kilometers.

In our country, the city of Bolzano has launched a transition plan which therefore aims to eliminate CO2 emissions thanks to the introduction of new green vehicles: the recent start of works for the new station of hydrogen refueling for buses, in the coming months will also see the introduction of twelve new hydrogen vehicles that will be added to the fleet of the local public transport company.

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