Legacy of Kain looks ready to return sooner than you think

Legacy of Kain looks ready to return sooner than you think

The return of Legacy of Kain could become a reality as early as 2021. Shpeshal Nick, an insider very close to the world of video games who has already anticipated the reveal of games in the past, has launched the sensational indiscretion, which at the moment is not absolutely confirmed. , trade shows and market maneuvers of the industry, so there is a good chance that this news turns out to be true as well.

According to Shpeshal Nick's words, Legacy of Kain would be really ready to return this year. At least at the level of announcement and no, not with a new chapter. As stated by the insider in The Xbox Era podcast, it would seem that the first, historic chapter of the saga will soon debut in a remastered version. Attention, not remake: it would not therefore be a remake as happened with other games, for example Final Fantasy VII but an updated version under the guise of graphics, sound and of course the controls.

There are, however, two big elephants in the room. The first concerns the announcement: a possible reveal of a remastered version of Legacy of Kain could arrive during Gamescom 2021 or at the next edition of The Game Awards but there is still no clarity about it. The second, on the other hand, is decidedly more evil and cumbersome and refers to which game in the series is currently being remastered. Two doubts, definitely huge, that could lead us to think that they are not filtering too much information about it.

Whether there is an announcement or not of a remastered version of Legacy of Kain we will only know in the coming months. Surely a possible remastered could also serve to take the pulse of the public, perhaps regarding a revival with a new game in the series. At the moment, as usual in these cases, we invite you to take everything with a grain of salt: we will update you as soon as there is more information on the matter.

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