E-Legend EL1, an electric tribute to the Audi Quattro S1

E-Legend EL1, an electric tribute to the Audi Quattro S1

E-Legend EL1

While preparing its farewell to thermal engines, Audi has time to look to the past and its great tradition in the world of rallying. The E-Legend EL1 that you see in the images is in fact a tribute to the historic Audi Quattro S1 which revolutionized off-road racing at the beginning of the 1980s (thanks to its all-wheel drive). The only difference, in addition to the exorbitant price, is the fact that it is completely electric.

Following the retro-futuristic fashion of the moment, which wants the return of old technologies in a modern key, we have a vintage car in aesthetics but ultramodern for all the rest. The three electric motors it houses come directly from the Porsche Taycan and promise 400km of longevity or even “two full laps at the Nurburgring” according to official announcements. All this using SportPlus mode, so the range could even go up.

EV technology itself literally destroys the original rally racing: acceleration from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds and 0-200 in less than 10 for over 800 horsepower overall. The only drawback is the weight, as always the Achilles heel for electrified sports cars: we are around 1700Kg. But the presence of torque vectoring should reduce inertia when cornering and make the vehicle more malleable. Not that many buyers want to take risks, unless they want to waste almost a million euros (expected price).

We have left the aesthetic aspect for last because it is slightly controversial. If the front appears very apt and clearly recalls the 80s version, the rear is far too futuristic and far from the original. A separate discussion for the cockpit, which promises to be minimalist and ultramodern as per the EV school, although we would have preferred some references to the past (such as hands and numbers in plain sight, even on the display).

E-Legend EL1 will arrive next year in only 3rd units but the following EL2 and 3 models are already planned. According to rumors, they will be completely different and inspired by other rally legends such as the legendary Lancia Stratos. Also in this case we are talking about cars with a very limited production and just as expensive, a dream dedicated to a few lucky users.

E-Legend EL1 805 HP EV inspired by the Audi Quattro

E-Legend EL 1

The Audi Quattro is one of the most iconic cars from the last 40 years and now a new car is launching, the E-Legend EL1 which is inspired by the Quattro.

The E-Legend EL1 is an electric vehicle that has an impressive 805 horsepower and the car also comes with impressive performance figures.

E-Legend EL 1

0 to 62 miles per hour will take just 2.8 seconds and it will have a top speed of of 158 miles per hour, it comes with a four wheel drive power train. It will apparently also have a range of 248 miles.

E-Legend EL 1

Only 30 units of this unique electric vehicle will be made, each one will cost €890,000 before taxes. You can find out more details about the new E-Legend EL1 over at the company’s website at the link below.

E-Legend EL 1

ELEGEND AG i. G. lifted its veil and, at an exclusive evening event, provided not only insights into its founding structure but also a preview of the first final product. A supercar with a focus on curves called the EL1. The form should follow the function and the function interacting with the form should touch the heart of the driver. Following this guiding principle, a Bavarian high-tech company is currently taking shape. Staffed with experienced heart-and-soul automotive experts from the areas of design, technology and sales. The goal of ELEGEND AG is to transfer analog primal instincts of emotional driving into the modern world.

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