Sekiro transformed into an online co-op and PvP game thanks to this mod

Sekiro transformed into an online co-op and PvP game thanks to this mod

If there is one thing that From Software titles have accustomed us to, it is a multiplayer system capable of making the various fans collaborate or clash in virtually all the most recent titles of the Japanese software house. In one of the few exceptions, however, fans found themselves orphans of fighting to the death. Let's talk about Sekiro Shadow Die Twice, a title that, as you well know, is exclusively based on a purely single player experience.

To make up for this lack, the always very passionate modders have well thought of creating a mod for Sekiro which adds a multiplayer mode in the From Software title released in 2019. Thanks to this mod, in fact, owners of a copy of the PC version of the title will be able to challenge (or help) their friends or unknown players with an online system very similar to what From had proposed in previous games released.

Once the mod is installed, which you can easily find at this address, everything will work in an extremely similar way to what happens in Dark Souls 3. To evoke itself in various games, in fact, players will need to have some special objects thanks to which a password can be set. These objects have the sole purpose of making you interact with other players. The fundamental thing for the correct function of multiplayer in Sekiro, is that all players interested in this experience are in possession of this mod.

Thanks to this mod also the much loved Sekiro Shadow Die Twice will allow fans to enjoy a co-op (or PvP) experience that allows them to interact with each other. A more than excellent opportunity to return to popular a title as fascinating as it is deadly, which was also awarded as the best game of the year during the 2019 The Game Awards.

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