The first trailer for the Chainsaw Man anime

The first trailer for the Chainsaw Man anime

On the occasion of the event entirely dedicated to the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of Studio MAPPA, MAPPA's 10th Anniversary Stage 2021, the first trailer of the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man was unveiled.

The anime is inspired by the manga written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto on Weekly Shonen Jump and published in Italy for Planet Manga (find the recent 4th explosive issue on Amazon).

You can look below the sequences:

Chaisaw Man - what the manga is about

The manga series of Chaisaw Man is divided into seasons: the first was published from to 13 December 2020 for a total of 91 Chapters and 11 tankobons. The second, however, is being written and will begin at a later date through the application of Shonen Jump Plus (Shueisha) at a date to be defined.

In Italy it is published in Italy for Planet Manga with the first 4 volumes available.

Denji is a poor boy, covered in debts, who makes a living by killing demons using his loyal Pochita, a demonic chainsaw-dog, his only friend. Fate has always been hard on Denji, but now it's about to take everything away from him. Everything, except the loyalty of Pochita, who will offer his owner the opportunity to live a new cutting life. From the author of Fire Punch, the new phenomenon that has ignited the pages of Shonen Jump, as crazy, lethal and thundering as the sharpest of rotating blades!

More about the author

The author Fujimoto is also known for having written and drawn Fire Punch on the digital magazine Shonen Jump Plus from 18 April 2016 to 1 January 2018. Laserie, complete in 8 volumes, was published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy.

The terrible "Ice Witch" has transformed the world into an expanse of snow, hunger and madness. And who is cold is tremendously attracted to fire ... Does the "blessing" descended on Agni represent a hope or rather a curse? Agni and Luna are two orphan brothers, both endowed with the power of regeneration. They try by all means to help the people of their village to survive, until they are attacked by Doma, a man endowed with the "blessing" of the flames, who condemns them to a cruel fate ...