Fortnite Ufo: details and possible date of the invasion

Fortnite Ufo: details and possible date of the invasion

Fortnite Ufo

This week promises to be fairly quiet for Fortnite fans, as no major updates are in sight for the popular Epic Games title. To give some details on the near future of the title, however, are the always super active dataminer. Thanks to the constant research work within the game files, these users were able to find in advance some information about UFOs and their increasingly imminent invasion.

Since the final update for Season 6 of Chapter 2, strange events have begun to happen around the Epic Games Battle Royale map. In particular, alien signs in perfect crop circles style began to appear in some areas of the island. Furthermore, the dataminers have unearthed many other signals related to UFOs in the game files, which all seem to suggest that the invasion in Fortnite is now quite imminent.

According to the leaker VastBlast, last May 29 Epic Games has introduced a hotifix in Fortnite that modifies the UFO spawn rate. This is certainly one of the strongest clues to the arrival of aliens, but when exactly will the invasion begin? It is difficult to say for sure, but there are those who suggest that the first apparitions could take place as early as today 1 June. Another possibility, however, is that UFOs land in the title as the protagonists of next Season 7.

Tomorrow is Tuesday which is a content update day, there's nothing in the files to be activated other than UFOs, so there's a high chance we might see them appear tomorrow which is exactly 7 days before the Season!

- HYPEX - Fortnite Leaks (@HYPEX) May 31, 2021

To date we have no official information on the launch of Fortnite Season 7, but following the roadmap of Epic Games, it is highly possible that everything will materialize no earlier than next week. For now we just have to keep the antennas straight to be able to pick up as many alien signals as possible in the Fortnite sky, exactly like the best Ufo hunters.

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UFOs in Fortnite: When will they come, and how will they work

With Fortnite's Season 6 drawing to a close, new features have been dropped that lead up to the alien invasion coming soon. A hot addition that recently landed is the UFO.

As many players have seen, signs of a UFO landing have already arrived with hidden clues around the map like crop circles at Colossal Crops. The UFO's appearance is sure to come soon, and its features could change the game.

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Image via Sportskeeda

Image via SportskeedaImage via Sportskeeda

The files for Fortnite state that the UFO should land today around 10 am EST. Players can start riding around in the alien spacecraft here soon to change up the game with a little flair.

UFOs will spawn at random points throughout the map to abduct players into the sky. Fortnite's latest addition to the alien universe is going to toss an interesting feature into the game by giving players an out-of-world experience.

When abducted, players will be pulled into the ship, healed to max HP and shields, and spit out to a different section of the map. It's unclear if players will have any choice in the matter of when they can be abducted or where they can be spat out.

The signs released earlier, like the poster with aliens and humans holding hands across the globe, support the idea that they are here to help. The UFOs will be able to pick up a maximum of 20 players before needing to drop some off.

It'll be interesting to see what the game will look like with multiple players against each other on the same ship. Would they be able to walk around or be able to fight?

In any case, these space vehicles are going to shake up the game and give Fortnite players something to watch out for. Season 7's highly anticipated alien involvement grows by the day, ramping up to speed as new features like the UFO are expected to drop soon.

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