Twitch: streamer? It is a difficult job, according to Courage

Twitch: streamer? It is a difficult job, according to Courage


As streaming platforms exploded, more and more channels have come to life. Not only Twitch, but also on YouTube, a whole series of content creators are working hard so that their ideas and their streams can grab more and more viewers. The life of the streamer, in fact, is not pink and flowers as many imagine, and according to Courage doing this job can get very challenging when you get to certain levels.

Inside a recent podcast episode from the same Cougare together with Nadeshot, the streamer wanted to have his say on what it means to do this type of work. According to the content creator, many underestimate how tiring and hard it can be to be a professional streamer, especially if your live broadcasts take up the streamer's day for many hours every day.

“While you're live you're not just trying to play a certain title, you're also trying to entertain, you're trying to interact with other people you are with on Discord. Then you have the people who follow the live chat, the donations, the reading of the various messages and much more that can happen during a live. It's a very hard job, more than you might think ", Jack 'Courage' Dunlop intervened with these statements.

Courage's speech could also expand for all those streamers who have recently landed on Twitch, and that to get noticed or to find their space in the community they must always renew themselves trying to propose something interesting. In short, it seems that like all jobs there are positive sides and more demanding situations; do you also think that being a streamer is hard work?

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Dr Disrespect on Twitch for first time ban – but only by accident

Dr Disrespect was back on Twitch, but not really (pic: YouTube)

Despite being banned from Twitch Dr Disrespect has found himself back on the streaming service, although not on purpose.

Dr Disrespect has made an unintended guest appearance on Twitch, as part of the Code Red Warzone tournament, although it wasn’t intentional.

During the tournament, an ad featuring MTN DEW Game Fuel appeared as part of the official Twitch stream, which just so happened to feature Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm IV.

That mean seem like a minor coincidence, but viewers went wild and organiser BoomTV had to contact Twitch and apologise, to avoid any fallout.

Dr Disrespect was banned in June 2020 for reasons that neither he nor Twitch has ever explained, and given the amount of time that’s passed probably never will.



As a result, strict restrictions were placed on his not playing with any other Twitch streamers, to the point where they’re discouraged from even socialising with him offline.

For a time, he was also banned from Call Of Duty: Warzone tournaments, despite Activision also not explaining why.

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Twitch, and owners Amazon, seem adamant that Dr Disrespect should not appear on the service in any way and so from that perspective the ad was a bigger deal than it first seemed.

Before it started, Dr Disrespect was confident of winning the tournament but in the end he didn’t come close, with Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz taking the $10,000 main prize and Beahm not even placing in the top eight.

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