Fortnite: alien invasion coming with Season 7

Fortnite: alien invasion coming with Season 7


A few days have passed since the launch of the last major update dedicated to Fortnite Season 6. As usual, along with all the new content added by Epic Games, the tireless dataminers have managed to find a lot of more information among the game files. Among these novelties not yet available, one is attracting the attention of fans. We are talking about a novelty that could debut in conjunction with the arrival of next Season 7.

If with Season 6 we found ourselves in a map with strong prehistoric influences, according to the first clues unearthed in the game files it seems that Fortnite Season 7 could bring a strong wave of sci-fi to the Epic Games title. All the evidence unearthed by the various dataminers suggests that in a couple of weeks, when the new season begins, the island of the popular Epic title will literally be invaded by aliens.

To give further clear clues about the arrival of the green (or gray, who knows) men it was just one of the many dataminers. According to what Hypex discovered, after the update published a few days ago, some details about these aliens can be found within the game files. As explained in a recent post, aliens and their actions will have consequences within the departures.

More infos about the Alien Abduction UFOs:

- When they abduct you they restore your Health & Shield to 100

- They have a max capacity of 20 players

- They can mass abduct a squad / enemies

- They select abductees before abducting them

- They appear from the first zone

- HYPEX (@HYPEX) May 26, 2021

As you can read from the tweet we reported, the aliens will be able to kidnap single players or entire teams en masse. An interesting thing is that, once abducted, the aliens restore both life and shield up to 100. It therefore seems that these aliens do not have evil purposes, but for what purpose and for how long will they remain within the popular Fortnite map? To find out we will most likely have to wait a little less than a couple of weeks.

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