Fortnite Season 7: a strange change to the map suggests news?

Fortnite Season 7: a strange change to the map suggests news?

Fortnite Season 7

The players of Fortnite, Epic Games' beloved battle royale, recently noticed that the game's update 16.20 added a small but strange change to the map. Specifically, a sound has been added for the large clock that was originally located in Torri Bislacche. What does it mean? It is probably a first clue for Fortnite Season 7, or more likely for the final event of Season 6 which will mark the transition to the new season.

The sound is very low and most of the players, even finding themselves in front watch, they may not notice it. Obviously for the moment we have no official information on the meaning of this strange modification to Fortnite. Season 7 is not around the corner so even if it were really a clue to the closing event of Season 6, it will take some time before we can understand what is happening.

One hypothesis states that the old map is ready to return and that at the end of Season 6 the clock will turn the hands back and take us back to the "past". Any hypothesis is valid, for the moment. There is nothing left to do but wait for Epic Games to insert other clues into Fortnite.

One of the most recent Fortnite updates for PC, Android and Switch, has introduced fixes for Aloy and Lara's MAT.

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Fortnite Just Made a Weird and Mysterious Change That Could Tease Season 7

Fortnite's mysterious clock may be teasing Season 7, or rather, the Season 6 event that leads into Season 7. A recent update to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and mobile battle royale game -- 16.20 -- added audio to the large clock on the map, which, as you may know, is originally from Tilted Towers. As of the update, the clock now has faint and eerie clock ticks. That said, this subtle change has players stumped.

Over on Twitter, prominent Fortnite dataminer 'Mang0e' revealed the change, and asked the question on everyone's mind: why is this change being made now? Well, that's the million-dollar question, and so is whether or not this means anything. Unfortunately, we don't have the answers to either of these questions.

Below, you can check out the new sounds the clock makes, courtesy of Mang0e:

As noted, it's unclear why Epic Games went out of its way to add audio to the clock and it's unclear if it means anything. As you may know, the game has a bit of a history with clock teasers, which does lend weight to the speculation that this isn't an innocent change. But again, what could it mean? Well, some players think it means old Tilted Towers -- and possibly the old map -- are coming back.

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