The Office Lens application becomes Microsoft Lens

The Office Lens application becomes Microsoft Lens
Since its debut more than five years ago, the Office Lens app has been appreciated by those looking for a solution to transform the smartphone into a scanner and thus quickly and easily digitize documents: now the software changes its name and becomes Microsoft Lens welcoming some new features.

Office Microsoft Lens: new name and new features

The Redmond group has chosen to rename it in order to better integrate it with the tools that already make up the suite Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and other productivity tools. The change is in the rollout phase on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

As already written at the beginning, some new features are debuting, primarily dedicated to improving the organization of the acquired pages by being able to reorder them quickly and applying a filter to all those included in a PDF document (up to 100 pages each) in order to increase their readability. Furthermore, the OCR system dedicated to text recognition now leverages artificial intelligence algorithms for operations such as creating tables, adding a contact to the address book and scanning QR codes. These latest innovations arrive first on Android, while on iOS they will be delayed.

The desktop incarnation of Office Lens was abandoned at the beginning of the year: who already has it installed on your PC with Windows 10 can continue to use it in offline mode, but the app has disappeared from the official Microsoft store and no longer supports synchronization via the cloud. Here below the new logo.

Source: Windows Latest