The Last of Us: after almost 8 years a modder solves a strange bug of the Naughty Dog game

The Last of Us: after almost 8 years a modder solves a strange bug of the Naughty Dog game

The Last of Us

Most likely she wasn't aware of it, but The Last of Us has a strange crash problem related to the severed heads of the infected who have come into contact with the Cordyceps spores. The particular bug has been solved after almost 8 years thanks to the modder illusion0001 and the support of ZEROx.

As you can see thanks to the short video that we have brought you back to the top of the news, the Naughty Dog game runs into an instant crash if an NPC (in this case Bill) cuts off the head of an infected and the player delights, for some reason, in throwing on the skull in question some of the objects scattered around the areas, whether they are bricks or glass bottles. The problem has been neglected by the developers for all these years, probably also due to the fact that there is no specific reason why Joel should have fun this way with the heads of the infected being severed by his traveling companions.

The problem, which appears consistently on PS3, but also in the Remastered version on PS4 and PS5, has finally been solved by the modders, who have even shared with Naughty Dog the method to be able to solve the bug. Who knows that in the coming weeks the development team will not publish a new patch to distribute an official fix for his game, since to apply the solution designed by illusion0001 and ZEROx, modified PlayStation consoles would be needed. In the meantime, you can take a look at the results of the work done by the modders at the end of the article.

The authors of the patch themselves say they are uncertain about the cause of this strange bug, but the most accredited hypothesis, in their opinion , is that the game is convinced that the model hit by the brick in turn is an enemy in all respects, but no data is generated at the end of the collision, thus causing the general stability to collapse.