The Medium: Bloober Team will not support the game with DLCs

The Medium: Bloober Team will not support the game with DLCs
If you have already completed Marianne's adventure in The Medium, the exclusive Xbox Series X | S and PC available for a few days now, know that the chances of seeing an expansion or a DLC of any kind are very low.

In the course of an AMA session on Reddit, game producer Jacek Zięba stated that the development team currently has no intention of working on additional content for psychological horror:

" We currently have no plans to develop a DLC. The scene that can be seen at the end of the credits is intended to end the Thomas topic and not to introduce a new additional story. "

Lead designer Wojciech Piejko's opinion is slightly different, he supports the words of his colleague but says he is more open to the possibility of seeing DLCs:

"Of course, at the moment we have no intention of develop expansions, but life has taught me never to say never. "

In short, from the statements of the two developers it seems clear that the team wants to focus on other projects and that it wants to close The Medium chapter, but based on the results of the game in terms of sales, the arrival is not to be excluded. of contents capable of expanding its history.

We remind you that the game is available for free on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console for all subscribers to the service. On our pages you will also find the review of The Medium by Marco Mottura.