Stardock Tiles 2 for virtual desktops on Windows

Stardock Tiles 2 for virtual desktops on Windows

Among the most well-known and appreciated third-party utilities for managing virtual desktops on Windows, that of Stardock is renewed with the arrival of a substantial update: Tiles 2 is available for download in its final version from the pages of the official website ( link at the bottom of the article).

Tiles 2 for the management of virtual desktops on PC

Several new features introduced compared to previous releases: full support for Dark Mode, possibility to organize groups within the Tiles, an option to display only minimized windows and guaranteed compatibility with high definition monitors. The latter is a feature strongly desired by the software house, as underlined by CEO Brad Wardell, to meet the needs expressed by those who spend whole days working in front of screens with a high ppi value.

Below is the launch trailer that summarizes the main news. The goal of Tiles is to organize workflow and activities in different desktops: for example one for productivity, one for study and one for entertainment.

Tiles 2 retails for $ 9.99 or as part of the Object Desktop suite (which also includes Curtains, CursorFX, SoundPackage, DeskScapes, Groupy, Start10 / Start8, Fences, Multiplicity KM, SpaceMonger, WindowsBlinds and IconPackager utilities) made available by Stardock for $ 29.99

Source: Stardock