Silk EV and FAW, the joint venture takes shape in the Motor Valley

Silk EV and FAW, the joint venture takes shape in the Motor Valley
Motor Valley, the land where passion comes to life: this is the slogan that summarizes in a few words the richness of the land of motors, Emilia-Romagna, where over the years there have been a large number of top-level companies, specialized in production of 4 and 2-wheeled vehicles. Very soon a new production center will arise in the area - whose definitive position has not yet been defined - thanks to the close collaboration between the Chinese brand FAW, the largest Chinese manufacturer with over 90 billion in annual turnover, and Silk EV, the American company specialized in design and engineering solutions.

This is a truly important agreement, which includes over € 1 billion of investments aimed at starting a production of high-end electric and plug-in hybrid cars under the leadership of Walter De Silva, famous Italian designer who held the position of head of the design division of Volkswagen until 2015. The projects will be carried out in Italy, while production will take place both at the Emilian and Chinese hubs, in Changchun, already headquarters of FAW.

Dallara will also participate in the design work, and according to De Silva, the works on the vehicle design would be g already started; the intent is to combine design and aerodynamics in the best possible way, to create beautiful and functional cars. The first model will be called S9, and will take inspiration from Porsche and Ferrari, with timeless shapes and lines. It will then be followed by less extreme models, called S7, S5 and S3 respectively.

Interviewed on the subject, the president of Silk EV Jonathan Krane said he was very proud to be part of this joint venture, as it will allow the creation of a new range of electric cars, from the most luxurious and comfortable ones , to high-performance sports cars capable of offering a unique driving experience. In the words of Krane, the S series will be the forerunner of a new era of luxury and sustainable mobility.

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