PS5: New Sony system to make boss fights easier

PS5: New Sony system to make boss fights easier
Sony has filed a new patent that could automatically reduce the level of difficulty in future PS5 games should the player fail with an opponent. The patent, which was published last week, describes ways of machine learning "to increase or decrease the difficulty of an opponent in a video game". The idea behind it: The AI ​​could analyze your game behavior when you fight against a boss opponent to find out which of your methods work - and which don't.

After the analysis, the program would adjust the level of difficulty of the opponent accordingly . For example, players who repeatedly fail at a boss opponent could have it easier with the AI ​​to knock the opponent off the screen when they try again. For experienced players it could be trickier, because opponents could learn even better - and know exactly which skills you bring and use from the analyzes running in the background.

Sony expects this system to increase replayability, because the level of difficulty is specially designed for the player. It will be some time before the first PS5 games actually make use of this new system. At the moment, the patent appears to be waiting for confirmation. We'll keep you up to date in our news area. You can find out which PS5 games will be released in 2021 in our release list.

Via Gamesradar

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