PS5, GameStop will deliver the D3 reservation units next week

PS5, GameStop will deliver the D3 reservation units next week
GameStop has announced that in the course of next week it will complete the delivery of the PS5 related to the D3 reservation. Specifically, all D3 pre-orders for the Standard Edition and most of those for the Digital Edition will be fulfilled.

As we know, the new PS5 stocks have been sold out in a moment in the US, but here it is speaks only of reservations: it is really unlikely that there will be some extra models available to those who have not pre-ordered the PlayStation 5.

"We confirm that next week the third wave of PS5 is expected to be delivered, where we will complete the D3 reservations of the Standard Editions and a good part of the reservations of the Digital Editions ", reads the GameStop Italia Facebook page.

" The remaining part of the Digital Edition console could close in the first week of March ", he added the retailer, thus providing a fairly precise time horizon for the complete fulfillment of pre-orders.

"Continue to follow us, we will contact you personally through the contacts you provided during the p reservation as soon as your console is available for collection in store or shipped to your home. "

Of course we imagine that the other major retailers will also receive a new supply of PS5 during the same period, including the various Amazon, MediaWorld, Unieuro and so on.

We will promptly notify you of any console availability.