In Japan the first electric tanker, 3,500 kWh battery

In Japan the first electric tanker, 3,500 kWh battery
Many believe that the power supply can be used almost exclusively to travel not excessively long distances. However, the latest technologies used in the naval field seem to confirm that this is not the case. In fact, we have seen that in China the production of what can be called the largest electric boat ever built has begun. Well, Japan also seems to be in motion to build the first electric tanker. Although it may seem difficult to imagine a zero-emission oil tanker, the Japanese nation still intends to set a good example by trying to fight the problem linked to CO2 emissions, even in the fossil fuel sector.

The announcement in about the project, which was called e5 tanker, arrived during the last year and it would seem that today everything is proceeding very well. In fact, the e5 Lab consortium - which has the task of building the oil tanker - has managed to reach the agreement necessary to ensure the supply of batteries that the tanker needs to be powered. Obviously, in order for the big tanker to move, a large battery is required. Hence, the e5 tanker electric tanker is expected to be equipped with a 3,480 kW battery pack supplied by Corvus Energy, one of the largest companies involved in the electric ship sector.

The intent of the e5 Lab consortium is to build two tankers of this kind, however they will be slightly smaller than the transoceanic ones. Most likely, the two ships will be ready in 2022 and will be deployed in Tokyo. Together with KOA Industry and Imura Shipyard - which will be responsible for the construction of the oil tankers - the Asahi Tanker, a company that will have the task of building the infrastructure for recharging, will also collaborate. This company is already involved in the management of 137 short-range electric boats, but is strongly convinced that the market for large zero-emission ships can also have an important future.

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