Fastweb, goodbye to the stamping of the card

Fastweb, goodbye to the stamping of the card
Stamp the card in the morning. Stamp when you leave for lunch. Stamp when you return. Stamp at the exit for an afternoon break. Stamp on return. Stamp at the end of the day. What is a ritual that has marked the office life of millions of people could soon vanish with the advent of smart working in a more radical way and all this is already a reality in Fastweb offices.

Fastweb , the card is no longer stamped

The group has announced that, after extending the possibility for all employees to work remotely up to 5 days a week, it has now also decided to take an additional step to act in a more radical about the way office premises are perceived. From the month of February, therefore, the physical stamping in and out is completely eliminated, replaced by an automatic system which simply records absences and attendances, but which entrusts self-certifications with additional aspects such as holidays or permits.

When everything changes, even the organizational approach of work is called to change, innovate, transform and adapt, seizing the hidden growth opportunities in these difficult months. The elimination of stamping is further and concrete proof of how much the corporate culture that we feed in Fastweb materializes in a cultural revolution based on the centrality of the person, and in a way of working and living the company based on trust, responsibility. and the pursuit of objectives, elements that become preponderant with respect to any other indicator

Matteo Melchiorri, Chief Human Capital Officer of Fastweb

The end of stamping, the end of commuting, the end of the office as we have always imagined it? It will be a progressive and nuanced end, which in history will pass more as a gradual evolution than as a clear break. But the path is incontrovertible since that of 2020 was only an already very clear acceleration in unsuspected times. For large companies this process will be faster than for others and the impact on transport, urban fabric and the food industry will multiply a spark destined to change many things.

It all starts like this: with a less card to stamp.