Dinosaur Planet, Rare's lost game reappears: it became Star Fox Adventures

Dinosaur Planet, Rare's lost game reappears: it became Star Fox Adventures

Dinosaur Planet, Rare's lost game reappears

If you are a fan of retrogaming and videogame history, then you will be happy to know that Forest of Illusion, an organized group of enthusiasts whose aim is to preserve Nintendo's legacy, has managed to recover Dinosaur Planet, a Rare game for Nintendo 64 that has never seen the light.

Forest of Illusion has come into possession of a disc containing a build of the game dated 1 December 2000, which was in the hands of a private collector (it is therefore not popped out of the famous Nintendo gigaleak). The game began as a 3D adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but Shigeru Miyamoto, who saw its potential, prompted Rare to turn it into an episode of the Star Fox series. In the first instance tests were carried out: in this build, as you can see in the screenshots and in the video attached to this news, there is already Fox McCloud in place of the original protagonist, Saber. After that, the development of Dinosaur Planet for the Nintendo 64 was interrupted and then it was restarted on Nintendo GameCube as Star Fox Adventures.

The build of Dinosaur Planet, which can be considered in all respects as the ancestor of Star Fox Adventures, has already been uploaded to the Internet Archive site, from which it can be freely downloaded. Forest of Illusion points out that it doesn't run perfectly on any existing Nintendo 64 emulator, as there are slowdowns and graphical glitches to shadows and lighting. The build is genuine in any case, as also confirmed by Digital Foundry.

The month of February is proving to be a memorable month for Rare fans: just under three weeks ago the remastered also appeared on the net never released by Goldeneye 007 for Xbox 360.

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