Destruction AllStars: how to silence other players online

Destruction AllStars: how to silence other players online
Destruction AllStars for PlayStation 5 (now available for free as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for February 2021) bases its entire structure on the multiplayer component, with exciting team-based challenges with wacky characters.

Chances are many of you will decide to play the new Lucid Games title together with a group of friends, to also exploit the potential of voice communication through the microphone integrated into the DualSense of PlayStation 5 (as well as to show off customized avatars in Destruction AllStars).

To avoid interference within the voice chat, and to prevent other players from disturbing you in any way, you may however want to mute the audio coming from all or some specific players within your game lobby : Unfortunately, Destruction AllStars does not offer a direct ability to silence players within the lobby, consequently the uni The best way to do this is through the console settings.

To change the audio coming from the microphones of all the players in your lobby, just follow this short procedure:

press the PlayStation button on the DualSense in the screen that appears you will notice a series of square tabs: the first of these will represent the lobby of your game in Destruction AllStars highlight that tab and press the Square button to silence the audio completely coming from all the players inside the lobby if you don't want others to hear your voice, you can disable the DualSense microphone by pressing the small button under the PlayStation button It goes without saying that through this system they will be silenced even your friends, if present in the lobby: to continue having a voice chat with them you will therefore have to create a private party from the PlayStation 5 settings and use that as an external voice chat.