Cashback: transaction count stopped for 48 hours

Cashback: transaction count stopped for 48 hours
The second phase of the State Cashback, the one that started on January 1st and which will end on June 30th, will also award the 1,500 euro Super Cashback to the 100,000 citizens who at the end of the period will have made the highest number of payments with the methods registered in the initiative. In this regard, at the moment the count of the transactions carried out has been stopped for about 48 hours.

Cashback and Super Cashback: the count of the transactions is still?

According to the tests carried out in the editorial staff last update dates back to Saturday. This applies both to the IO application and to those of third-party issuers. It is not clear what is jammed or how long there will be to wait before seeing the counter restart. Although the message "Updated at **: ** of 01/02/2021" appears, the number has been blocked since 30/01.

In any case, don't worry: the system will take every payment, possibly recovering it at a later time as occurred at the end of January with the December PagoBANCOMAT transactions. Finally, we remind you that by the end of February those who took part in the Christmas Extra Cashback will receive the reimbursement accrued directly on their account, at the indicated IBAN.

In recent days we have published a list of 10 proposals to improve the Cashback of the State, intervening on some key points and on the criticalities that emerged almost two months after the start. We believe it is possible, for example, to place a limit on the close transactions recorded, thus avoiding abuses such as the splitting of expenses in order to climb the ranking.