Valentine's Day to the rhythm of technology: discover the HP offers on PCs and notebooks

Valentine's Day to the rhythm of technology: discover the HP offers on PCs and notebooks

Valentine's Day to the rhythm of technology

Valentine's Day is approaching and, like every year, you are looking for ideas to surprise your partner. If you are looking for a technological gift, the HP Store proposals, dedicated precisely to Valentine's Day, could be right for you, since they concern a series of excellent bundles, in which notebooks and PCs are combined with interesting peripherals with a high .

It will therefore be possible to save quite a bit, taking home or giving away high-quality tech products without buying them at full price. There are several bundles offered by the store, each clearly with different products, but the most interesting is the one that sees the HP Pro 240 G9 coupled with the OfficeJet 9022e. The former is an All-in-One PC, the latter a printer, a perfect combo to set up a small home office or improve an existing one.

Being an All-in-One in-One, HP Pro 240 G9 is shipped with keyboard and mouse included, both wireless and with the same color as the PC. The latter is totally white, including the front part dedicated to the speakers, a clean and modern color that fits perfectly into any environment. A device that therefore represents simplicity and purity, capable of giving a touch of elegance to any space.

On the component side, we are on good levels, given that this HP Pro 240 G9 integrates a 12° Intel CPU generation , 8GB of RAM which is sufficient for typical office tasks and 256GB of internal space . The screen, which is practically one with the entire platform, is a 24-inch with Full HD resolution, with good brightness, as is the color range, which stands at 72% NTSC.

The combined printer has a commercial value of almost 400 euros. It is a multifunctional color model, with a double paper tray (complete with a sensor to indicate whether the latter is present or not), and with many printing functions, which you can quickly access via the color touch display . In short, a printer designed to meet high standards which, coupled with the PC mentioned above, makes this bundle truly attractive.

Read also: Multifunction printers | The best of 2023 Having said that, we just have to send you directly to the promotional page of the store, once again reiterating the invitation to take advantage of these discounts, given that we do not know how much the stock of available products is.

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