PS5: why are so many RPGs exclusive?

PS5: why are so many RPGs exclusive?


During last night's State of Play, Sony announced the arrival of Baldur's Gate 3 on PS5. This is a decidedly unexpected move: no Larian Studios game had previously been exclusive to third parties and the new title (currently available on PC in the Early Access version) is certainly of weight, especially considering the curriculum of the development studio and the quality of the product. The exclusivity, we don't know if temporary or not, however leads us to ask ourselves a question: why have there been several exclusives of the RPG genre on Sony consoles recently?

The question is legitimate, especially if we look at the Japanese market, with several Final Fantasy chapters (yes, even older ones and collections), which are available exclusively on PS5 and (at worst) on PC and Nintendo Switch. However, there is a reason why this kind of title does not arrive on Xbox, at least for now and it is probably to be found within the new balance of the market, which has led the Redmond giant to have a stable of developers who deal with typical of RPG development.

While Playstation has never had internal development studios capable of realizing real RPGs with continuity, on the other hand it has always been able to count on the RPG experiences produced by Bethesda and Obsidian Games. Now, with the acquisition of Zenimax, it is very likely that Sony is trying to protect itself, trying to offer its users a decidedly varied selection, ranging from Japanese-style games with RPG elements to real turn-based RPGs , as is the case with Baldur's Gate 3 .

So Xbox will never see the release of games like Final Fantasy 16 or (precisely) Baldur's Gate 3? We cannot know this in detail. But what we have noticed is an increase in exclusive RPG-themed games on Sony consoles. An increase that could in all respects be dictated by making up for a sudden absence, which will bring The Outer Worlds 2, the next Fallout games and The Elder Scrolls (you can get the older ones on Amazon) exclusive to the ecosystem of the Redmond giant .

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