National digital identity, codename Idn: the government project

National digital identity, codename Idn: the government project

National digital identity, codename Idn

Codename Idn: National digital identity. This is the project the Government's Innovation Department is working on. A single system, in which to bring together the public digital identity system (Spid) and the electronic identity card (Cie). A sort of appetizer and bridge to the common digital identity that the European Commission is working on, an app where you can store your personal information and share only what is strictly necessary upon request.

So while the government has the renewal of the Spid agreements on its desk, already expired at the end of 2022 and officially extended until April so as not to interrupt the service, the Palazzo Chigi department has drawn up a proposal for overcome the current situation. Idn, precisely, of which sources close to the match have confirmed to The government is ready to launch a tender shortly, with the risk of finding itself with a duplicate of the European app, given that Brussels has already awarded a contract at the end of 2022 to create a wallet that all countries will be able to use and adapt to their needs .

The situation:

Cie versus Spid The Idn program The clone risk The contracts to manage Spid are about to expire. And there is no agreement to renew them. At the end of 2022, the agreements for the management of the public digital identity system expired, officially extended until April. The managers are asking for funds and clarity on the future of Spid, while the government is betting everything on Cie

Cie versus Spid

In the end, the purpose of Idn is to unify the current Italian duopoly in the field of identification systems in a single app, just as the model preached by the European Commission provides. Today in Italy, on the one hand, there is the Electronic Identity Card (Cie), issued by the Ministry of the Interior and produced by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato. It costs 16.79 euros and to use it you need a pin code, a puk and a special reader, because it contains a chip in which all personal data is stored. The latter is an obstacle for its daily use on a large scale.

On the other hand, there is Spid, whose management is entrusted to various private companies (some of which charge for activation), offers different levels of security and more flexibility. 2022 data from the Agency for digital Italy (Agid) show that, if Spid and Cie have an almost identical number of subscribers (33.5 million for the first against 32.7 for the second), the public digital identity system is been used to carry out one billion accesses to public services, against the 21 million of the electronic identity card.

The 4 conditions for extending Spid's contracts until the end of June The managers of the digital identities to the Undersecretary for Innovation Butti: sharing the costs of the service and discussing the future of Spid, without deleting it

The Idn programme

The Undersecretary for Innovation, Alessio Butti, has long been promoting a unification under the Cie sign. And in the meantime, Spid's managers have taken to the barricades, because the contracts of many companies expired at the end of 2022. Agid has extended them until April 23 to stop the situation, but the suppliers are asking for a stable solution, with dedicated public funds already from 2023, involvement in future projects on digital identity and Spid at the forefront of the community app. If the government agreed to these conditions, the managers would be willing to extend Spid's services until June under the same conditions.

However, a proposal is in the pipeline at the Innovation Department to merge Spid and Cie: Idn , National digital identity. In essence, an application in which both identification systems merge. In fact, a step towards the project of a personal data app designed by the European Commission. The green pass was an unexpected dress rehearsal: a digital wallet, stored on the smartphone, through which to display certain identifying information depending on the request (for example, the date of birth if it is necessary to prove that one is over 18 years old).

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The clone risk

Idn, which at the moment it should be remembered is a proposal, has been developed by some external consultants and the government intends to start close around a call for design . The move, in fact, would in time burn the construction site of the European identity app, anticipating a work which, at a Community level, has entered a general experimentation phase.

A few weeks ago, the Commission gave approval for the general framework of architecture to be printed, while at the end of 2022 tenders worth 37 million were awarded to experiment with some use cases and the one worth 26 million to create the actual app, which each country can then adapt, as for the green pass apps. If Italy went ahead with the IDN, it would end up with a clone application of the one that Brussels is already planning for everyone. Moreover, according to what learns from sources at a European level, Italy has been absent at a political level from the tables to build digital identity.