How to pay for parking with Telepass

How to pay for parking with Telepass

We know, there are more and more cars on the road and above all of "larger" dimensions than in the past and finding a parking space is never so easy. Cities are increasingly complicated, with new ZTLs (such as Area B and Area C), changes in traffic conditions and continuous innovations. Finding a parking space is never that simple, but fortunately technology can also assist us in this kind of activity by offering applications capable of finding a parking space and, why not, even paying for it.

What is Telepass< /h2> For some years now, the Autostradale Company has instituted a new payment method for parking on the blue lines, initially within the largest cities and even reaching the more peripheral areas. Telepass, unlike other services, is one of the most complete and allows you to monitor parking, tolls, stamp duties up to the payment of ferries and airport parking.

The service makes available to its customers the possibility of paying for parking on the blue lines in many Italian cities; the practicality of this service consists in being able to use it even remotely, in case you want to leave the car parked for longer and therefore not having to go to the totem again to authenticate a new coupon.

As for EasyPark , it is available for free for Android smartphones and iPhones; some services, however, could be paid for or linked to the possession of a motorway payment device.

How Telepass works

Using Telepass is relatively simple, thanks to the presence of a screen of configuration that will appear at the first start that will ask you for all the information necessary to continue. In order, when switched on for the first time, Telepass will ask for:

register to subscribe to all Telepass Pay services: insert a payment method; accept the terms and conditions; add the license plate of our vehicle (operation that can be completed at a later time). The interface is user-friendly, with the large map in the foreground and various shortcuts and filters to access the main functions and secondary menus. Using the "Stripes Blue" screen, it is possible to select, via GPS or manually, the preferred route, view the tariff and any unavailability of the service.

Among the most important functions, we point out the possibility of interrupting parking at any time with payments per minute, a detail that allows you to save money and use the unpaid amount as credit for the next payment.

How to look for parking with Telepass

Similarly to other services , the Telepass parking and payment system is very simple. First of all it is necessary to look for a compatible parking marked on the app or on the signs generally present on the totems themselves, set the parking (parking time), select the vehicle and manage the payment.

Depending on the city where you are parking, you may need to display the slip, available on the official website or directly in the app, to notify the parking assistants that you are paying with Telepass.

Electric car and Telepass

Even those who use an electric car can benefit from an app like Telepass, both in terms of parking and managing recharging. Using the application menu, it is possible to discover the columns available in the area, view the rates, select the charging speed and directly calculate an itinerary. In this way it is potentially possible to combine the two worlds and find a car park simultaneously equipped with a charging station.