Free PC games: GOG gives away an alien trilogy!

Free PC games: GOG gives away an alien trilogy!

Free PC games

Thanks to GOG, PC gamers can enjoy an avalanche of games from various past gaming eras. Between famous brands, great cults and unknown titles, there is something for all tastes. However, what makes the choice of experiences offered by the well-known PC store even more tempting are the free games that are given away very frequently. In these hours, users with a GOG account, in fact, can redeem at no cost not one, but an entire not bad trilogy.

The free games that are being given away on GOG in these hours are three chapters from the Alien Breed series. We are talking about a historic franchise for anyone who is passionate about PC gaming, which was born in the early 90s on the Amiga. The three chapters that can be redeemed via GOG are part of the most recent trilogy of the saga, namely: Alien Breed Impact, Alien Breed 2 Assault and Alien Breed 3 Descent .

All three of these games are part of what we can define as the second era of the franchise, which remains very faithful to the titles that gave birth to the saga. Alien Breed will transport you to a sci-fi universe infested with fearsome aliens to eliminate. Specifically, these are action-packed top-down shooter-style games clearly inspired by the Alien film series and the fantasy video game Gauntlet.

If you are curious to try these three games, know that you can redeem the most recent Alien Breed trilogy by clicking directly on this address. Finally, it should be emphasized that these three free games will not be available to everyone forever, and for this reason our advice is to make them yours as soon as possible.

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