best weapons and best evolutions [guide] best weapons and best evolutions [guide]

Anyone with an Android phone has surely seen an advertisement or even just an announcement regarding , one of the most popular titles of recent years. Arrived a little late compared to the already incredibly successful Vampire Survivors (by the way, here's a guide on Poncle's masterpiece), promises to be a rosewater version of the popular reverse bullet hell, with lots of weapons and lots of upgrades. For this reason today we are going to see the best weapons and the best evolutions of, necessary to be able to excel on the challenges that the CPU will send us in waves.


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The structure of is very simple: by surviving the various waves, the player can collect crystals of different colors, thus increasing his level. With each level up it is possible to obtain 3 among a long list of "skills"; these include weapons and items that passively improve the player's condition. Yellow skills are offensive weapons, green skills are passive in nature.

There are other weapons that can be equipped between games and that replace our standard attack, we will see those later. Since the progress of the game is largely influenced by the quality of the drops found between one level up and another, today we are going to see precisely which are the best weapons that can be equipped outside the game.

Tier S+ : Void power Tier S : Lightchaser Tier A+ : Kunai Tier A : Baseball bat Tier B : Shotgun Tier C : Katana Weapon Evolution Guide

To be able to beat the waves and the bosses you need damage, a lot of damage; once you have fully upgraded a weapon how is it possible to increase your DPS even more? Through weapon evolutions! To evolve a weapon in you need to fully upgrade it and have the corresponding passive item in your inventory.

Here is a complete list of all possible upgrades within

> RPG + HE Fuel = Sharkmaw Gun Force Field + Energy Drink = Force Pressure Guardian + Exoskeleton = Defender Lightning Launcher + Energy Cube = Molotov Supercell + Oil Stock = Oil Barrel Drone Type A + Drone Type B = Kunai Destroyer Drone + Koga Ninja Scroll = Spirit Shuriken Katana + Tramp's Plate = Demon Sword Drill + Ammo Booster = Whistling Arrow Football + Sneakers = Quantum Ball Brick + Fitness Guide = Weight Baseball Bat + Fitness Guide = Lights Shotgun + Bullet HP = Gatling Gun Revolver + Bullet HP = Reaper Lightsaber + Ronin Plate = Eternal Light Laser Launcher + Energy Cube = Durian Death Ray + Fuel HE = Caltrops

Tier list evolution a rmi

Here is a tierlist for all weapon evolutions in

Tier S+ : Supercell Tier S : Caltrops, Lucille Tier A+ : Quantum Ball, Spirit Shuriken Tier A : Whistling Arrow , Destroyer Drone, Defender, Oil Keg Tier B+ : Weight, Sharkmaw Gun, Reaper, Eternal Light Tier B : Force Pressure, Demon Sword, Gatling Gun Tier C+ : Medi-Drone, Defender Tier C : Death Ray, Magnetic Bouncer