The first anime of Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man) is coming: it will be based on Journey to the East

The first anime of Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man) is coming: it will be based on Journey to the East

The first anime of Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man) is coming

Yusuke Murata's first anime is currently in the works! Yusuke Murata, the One-Punch Man manga illustrator (do your One-Punch Man themed shopping here on Amazon). recently released a short silent teaser trailer for its first anime project, Zaiyuki. Based on the Chinese folktale Journey to the West, which has inspired numerous other stories, including Dragon Ball and The God of High School, Zaiyuki will be animated by Village Studio. The coming of age story sees as the main protagonist a weak kappa boy who finds himself involved in a series of adventures after meeting a treasure hunter.

Murata has already revealed that his story will focus on the themes of wealth, of guilt and courage. In addition, the author has also published the character designs of the four main characters of his new animated series.

Yusuke Murata's (One-Punch Man) first anime based on Journey to the East is coming soon< /h2> Below you can find the very first teaser trailer of Zaiyuki , Yusuke Murata's first anime .


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The protagonist, the boy kappa , wears a white t-shirt, blue cargo shorts and white sneakers with socks combined bordered in purple. The design of the Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, has received a modern update and now wears a sleek black robe and multiple ear and eyebrow piercings. Two lines of shaved hair are present on the sides of his head. Instead of a golden staff, in Murata's version the staff is now pitch black and wields a short, claw-like weapon. You can admire them below:


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In Journey to the East , Zhu Bajie is described as a monster, but he is a humanoid pig and is, in fact, a rather unpleasant character. In his version, Yusuke Murata decided to change the character's gender, which is now female. The humanoid pig originally considered monstrous now sports a pink bikini with low-waisted, very skintight black leather shorts. A series of pink ribbons wrap around her long legs and gold and silver bracelets embellish her wrists.


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Finally, the Monkey King could not be missing, Sun Wukong , who is much smaller than his original version in Zaiyuki , but is recognizable by his ferocious gaze, the golden band on his forehead and the red cane. Despite his small stature, his power and strength are made evident through his appearance, where muscles are well defined:


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