Coffee, candies and pet food: the offers for your shopping are on eBay!

Coffee, candies and pet food: the offers for your shopping are on eBay!

Coffee, candies and pet food

Shopping with the best possible quality/price ratio is really essential, especially if you want to save significant sums at the end of the month. On eBay, in fact, you can buy coffee, candies, detergents and pet food at really crazy prices, with discounts of up to 39%!

Last but not least, thanks to the SPESA23 coupon, you will have the possibility to add an additional 10% off the total in your cart. Therefore, we advise you not to miss the double discount and to make your purchases by March 1st.

If you are thinking of buying capsules for your coffee machine, we advise you we mention the offer available on the 200 Caffè Borbone Don Carlo Red Red Blend capsules available for just €36.16 instead of €50.18. It is a blend born for those who love a robust and dense coffee, with a strong and decisive flavour, in short, for those who want an espresso full of energy. The robust and intense taste comes from the carefully studied dosage of the best qualities of Bourbon coffee!

Alternatively, for your four-legged friends, we offer the 140 Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Large sticks, perfect for maintaining hygiene at best your dog's mouth. They are currently available for just €61.39 instead of €79.50 and help reduce tartar formation by up to 80%. They take care of cleaning the hardest-to-reach teeth and also help keep gums healthy!

Read also: Pods, capsules and ground coffee and beans | The best of 2023 That said, we just have to send you back to purchasing the product, inviting you to consult the eBay page dedicated to the offer, also suggesting that you complete your purchase as soon as possible, at least before the end of the discount or, worse, of product exhaustion.

In addition to this, we also refer you to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, an ideal place to promptly receive information relating to all the best current offers on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports. Happy shopping!

N.B. Remember to insert one of the SPESA23 coupons in the appropriate section of the cart before completing the payment.

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