Save 10% on your shopping with this exclusive code!

Save 10% on your shopping with this exclusive code!

As you know, in recent times there has been a general increase in the cost of food products, with the result of an ever higher price of our trolleys, even for the most common foodstuffs.

For this reason , we think it might be interesting to take a look at the new promotion that eBay is reserving for food and drinks, which from today you can buy on the portal at very advantageous prices, thanks to an exclusive discount code that can be used immediately, and valid until the next March 1st !

This is a really excellent promotion, which will allow you to save considerable amounts on many products, obviously with an eye towards quality, and with the inclusion of many well-known brands. Activating the offer is really very simple, and you just need to apply the "SPESA23" coupon before completing your purchase, thus guaranteeing you a 10% discount on the many items on the promotional page created by the portal, with a maximum savings of well 50 euros per shopping.

As if that weren't enough, referring to the regulation published by the portal, we point out that this coupon even has the possibility of being used for a maximum of 2 times, thus allowing you to be able to fill two separate trolleys, thus obtaining a total discount of 100 euros!

Terms and conditions

Code: SPESA23 Coupon value: 10% Minimum spend: 15€ Maximum discount: 50€ Uses: 2 for each user Max total discount per user: €100 Start: 20 February 2023 at 9:00 End: 1 March 2023 at 23:59 A truly excellent opportunity to fill your pantry and in which, moreover, we point out that there is space also for necessities d and our four-legged friends, since the promo also includes many foods for dogs and cats.

Dulcis in fundo, since it is a promo that aims to offer the same advantages as purchases in the supermarket, among the many products included in the promotion you will also find advantageous prices on many cleaning and laundry products, with the possibility of even finding spare parts for your dishwasher, as this category of products is also among those compatible with the promotion.

Having said that, we just have to send you directly to the eBay page dedicated to this promotion, once again reiterating the invitation to take advantage of this coupon, given that we do not know how much the stock of products available is.

Furthermore, before completing your purchase, we we strongly suggest that you also subscribe to our  three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, with specific channels dedicated to:  Offers, Hardware & Tech and  Apparel and Sport. Happy shopping!

N.B: enter the coupon "SPESA23" in the appropriate section to receive the discount. Make sure the price updates before completing the payment.

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