Nintendo Switch is in unfamiliar territory

Nintendo Switch is in unfamiliar territory

Hard to believe, but it really is: Nintendo Switch is currently in uncharted territory. This was revealed by the Japanese company itself, on the sidelines of the financial results presented a few days ago. Yes, because the executives of the big N were decidedly surprised by the success of the console, launched in 2017, so much so that it decided to behave in a completely opposite way compared to the past.

With 122 million units sold, Nintendo has made a very important decision: to continue developing on the console. It is a white fly in an industry that often, around the age of six or seven years, decides to launch new hardware models. And for the president of Nintendo , the company is heading towards uncharted territories . “There are some titles still in development and new titles continue to be proposed”, the words of the president of the company Shuntaro Furokawa, declared on the sidelines of the presentation.

At the moment the console is six years old and is preparing to enter the seventh in March year of its life cycle. For comparison, Nintendo Wii was launched in 2006 and in 2012 saw the light of new hardware, namely Wii U. With Nintendo Switch probably all this will not happen. It's hard to imagine the Japanese giant presenting a new console in March 2023, easier instead to think of a reveal around 2024 or (at worst) 2025. However, there are some foundations behind these strategies: for Furokawa there is still room for sale and it is precisely here that the desire to listen to the proposals of the developers for new video games dedicated to the hardware launched in March 2017 is hidden.

The history of Nintendo Switch represents a sort of more unique than rare event in the whole panorama. And if you are among the few who have not yet had the opportunity to own it, know that the console is available on Amazon. Considering that the support will continue for at least the whole of 2023, entertainment will certainly not be lacking.

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