Mashle: where to watch the anime in streaming

Mashle: where to watch the anime in streaming


The manga that combines magic, magic wands, gags and devastating punches, Mashle in a nutshell, has become an anime that is preparing to debut in April 2023. Where will it be possible to see it in streaming?

Mashle: where to see the anime in streaming

Through an official press release through its portals, we learn that Crunchyroll will be the platform to distribute the project dubbed into Italian . At the moment it is not known to know the complete start date.

Key visual of the anime adaptation by Mashle We remind you that the anime project is defined as a complete adaptation. It is no coincidence that the manga entered its final phase on July 4, 2022, therefore it is possible the animation studio is planning to offer the transposition in a single solution.

About the staff, Tomoya Tanaka ( Engage Kiss , Visual Prison ) is directing the anime at animation studio A-1 Pictures . Yousuke Kuroda ( My Hero Academia ) is writing the script and Hisashi Toshima ( Tada Never Falls in Love ) is the character designer. Masaru Yokoyama ( Fruits Basket , Astra Lost in Space ) composes the music.

Mashle : what the manga is about

Mashle is a pure fantasy manga that incorporates magic, comedy and combat written and drawn by Hajime Komoto in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. The work began in 2020 and to date 15 volumes are available. In Italy, the manga is published by Star Comics from October 2021 with the first 10 available for purchase. Buy the first fun issue of the manga on Amazon

The manga will inspire an anime series produced by the animation studio A-1 Pictures. It will begin in April 2023.

In an alternative world where magic is used every day for even the most banal action, being born without powers is a disgrace, and those who don't have powers are considered undesirable and set aside or expelled from society. Mash, the protagonist, is an orphan without magical powers who is found by a kind-hearted old man, who raises him deep in the forest away from everything and everyone to protect him. Mash's main interests are cream puffs and bodybuilding, so much so that he spends his days training, acquiring superhuman strength. But his life and that of his adoptive father are put in danger the day when a shady guy discovers their secret and blackmails them: he will leave them alone only if Mash enrolls in the Easton Magic Academy - a prestigious university where only the more talented wizards are accepted – and he will prove he can become the new “divine visionary”, ie the most powerful sorcerer of the year.