Privacy Sandbox available in Beta, Android is increasingly attentive to security

Privacy Sandbox available in Beta, Android is increasingly attentive to security

Privacy Sandbox available in Beta

While we use our dear smartphones for who knows how many hours a day, we all continue to constantly send data on our interests to the developers of the applications and administrators of the sites we frequent. This happens above all to ensure that applications and sites can show us personalized advertising and thus remain free for end users.

The way in which this data is managed could significantly change thanks to Privacy Sandox Beta , a Google solution, already announced in February 2022, which promises to keep all this data safe so that it is not used by malicious people. The Privacy Sandbox Beta has just been released for some Android 13 users.

To better clarify what Privacy Sandbox consists of, it can be defined as a new standard that allows websites and apps to access to user information without compromising privacy. Its ultimate goal is to personalize advertising based on the user's actual interests, but without using third-party cookies, this is possible thanks to new APIs that do not use identifiers that track user activity in apps or sites.

As already mentioned, the Privacy Sandbox Beta has just been released to allow both developers and users to test the effectiveness of this Google solution. Those who are part of the Beta program can go to the Settings of their device, then to the Privacy item and finally to the Ads item. In this section there will be the possibility to activate the toggle and thus participate in the Beta program, as can be seen in the image shown below.

Using the Privacy Sandbox Beta there will also be the possibility to block some categories of advertising in which we are not really interested. For example, the "Film" category can be blocked, in this way the advertisements that appear there will never belong to the world of cinema. However, you can unlock the various categories at any time. However, it seems that data related to blocked categories will still be collected, but will be limited to the maximum and deleted on a regular basis.

Ultimately, this is a program still in Beta and will slowly be released at more and more users, but it is already a significant step forward by Google to guarantee more security and privacy for Android users.

For more information on how to participate in the Beta program, visit the official Android page. Instead, to learn more about the Privacy Sandbox program and stay up to date, we recommend going to the Privacy Sandbox website as well as continuing to follow our news on the subject!