Sons of the Forest impresses and sells 2 million copies in just one day

Sons of the Forest impresses and sells 2 million copies in just one day

Sons of the Forest is definitely the game of the moment on PC. The sequel to the highly acclaimed The Forest is managing to do much better than its predecessor, so much so that it has become the most played game on Steam within twenty-four hours. In addition to impressing with its reception, the Endnight Games title has also managed to convince with sales data, which demonstrate how much this game has already been able to hit the mark, even if it is only a first phase of early access .

Sons of the Forest only needed one day to be able to total a sale of 2 million copies worldwide; an achievement that impresses on several levels. First of all, it should be emphasized again that the game has not yet come out in the final version, but is in a first phase of early access; which means that from now on there will be several updates that will add content upon content to the already great and extensive experience.

Secondly Sons of the Forest is a title currently available exclusively on PC , and this testifies once again how the survival genre is always much more appreciated by the community of PC gamers than those who play on consoles. This great result was announced by the guys from Endnight Games themselves, who published a post on Twitter to thank these first 2 million players who trusted the game, but not only.

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to those who have joined us in our Early Access journey into 'Sons Of The Forest' We have sold over 2 million copies in the first 24 hours, and are very excited for what we have in store for players in the coming weeks.

the team endnight

— Endnight Games (@EndNightGame) February 24, 2023

In the recent post published on Twitter, the development team has been keen to state that they can't wait to release the next content for Sons of the Forest, so as to keep players even more busy over the next few weeks.

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