The authors of Forspoken will soon merge with Square-Enix

The authors of Forspoken will soon merge with Square-Enix

Just over a month has already passed since Forspoken (our review here) made its debut on the market, and the first judgments are already starting to emerge not only regarding the game, but also towards the team who developed it. We are talking about a title that has not been able to excite audiences and critics excessively, despite the fascinating game world and its interesting gameplay ideas. Now, a few weeks after the launch of the game, the Luminous Productions team is back to action with an important announcement.

The Japanese team made its debut with Forspoken, but according to the latest news communicated by the studio we discover that soon Luminous Productions will merge with Square-Enix. The official announcement came on the Luminous Twitter account, with the team confirming that, starting May 1, 2023, the studio and all its employees will officially be part of Square-Enix.

It is confirmed that Luminous Productions will continue to strive to make great triple-A games in the future as well, but in the meantime the studio will continue to work on the post-launch content of Forspoken that was promised. For example, the team is still working on the previously announced update that will improve the game's performance, but the DLC called In Tanta We Trust will also arrive in the future.

Luminous Productions is merging with Square Enix on May 1st

— Wario64 (@Wario64) February 28, 2023

The decision to absorb Luminous Productions into Square-Enix is ​​very likely to come from the results of Forspoken; title which, as already underlined, has not been able to obtain an enthusiastic response in its first launch period. We remain curious to see how the title will evolve with the next updates and DLCs, but also in which directions Luminous Productions will go together with Square-Enix.

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