Intel denies rumors: no delay for 3nm projects

Intel denies rumors: no delay for 3nm projects

Intel denies rumors

It took less than 24 hours to silence the rumors that we reported yesterday : Pat Gelsinger , CEO of Intel , officially declared that the rumors concerning the delay of products made with manufacturing technologies Intel 3 and TSMC's N3 are completely unsubstantiated. Gelsinger reassured fans of the Santa Clara-based company that all 3nm projects announced to date are slated for 2024.

At the company's Capital Allocation Update conference, Gelsinger said: “ The 3nm programs are progressing as planned, both those with TSMC and our internal Intel 3 programs, Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest in particular. I'm surprised by the rumors that have been circulating that, in the past, also involved Intel 4 and other TSMC programs, which have since turned out to be completely false.”

To date, Intel has announced three products that will be built with 3nm manufacturing technologies. Specifically, the company is poised to produce Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest processors on Intel Node 3, geared towards the data center world. Thanks to this technology, processors will have better performance per watt and high-performance libraries, characteristics particularly useful for datacenter-class products but also for mobile CPUs.

Photo credit: Intel As for external 3nm designs, Intel will use TSMC's N3 for a graphics tile of its Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors. Previously, there had been rumors that the company had decided to postpone production of the Meteor Lake graphics tile on TSMC's N3 process. However, now the company has stated that Arrow Lake, composed of a compute tile produced on its 20A node and a graphics tile produced on TSMC's N3E, is expected in 2024.

Apparently, concerns about possible lag in Intel's 3nm programs appear to be completely false. With the Granite Rapids, Sierra Forest, Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake projects proceeding as planned, the company appears to be on the right path for the future.