Dinner Club 2: the new protagonists reveal the secrets of the format

Dinner Club 2: the new protagonists reveal the secrets of the format

Dinner Club 2

The secret of the success of the format is well explained by Luca Zingaretti, one of the new faces of the second season of Dinner Club: “Food communicates many things, above all that "I perceive you, I respect you, it's us" which comes true every time we they gather around a table, or when cooking for each other: life, said Fellini, is a combination of pasta and magic. He was right" . He says it sitting at the table, we are at Villa Necchi together with the whole cast of the new season of the Prime Video food travelogue: there are Antonio Albanese, Paola Cortellesi, Marco Giallini and, indeed, Luca Zingaretti, as well as the "veterans" Luciana Littizzetto and Sabrina Ferilli - reigning champion - and to chef Carlo Cracco.

Tasty - it couldn't be otherwise - the previews of the new season, between unexpected discoveries and crunchy confessions. Ferilli confides to everyone about her her passion for animal entrails, not at all reciprocated by Zingaretti, who was however made a joke in which she ended up eating a crunchy brain in Romagna. If you are wondering why actors of his caliber participate in Dinner Club, the answer lies in the past sharing journey between gastronomic gems and an in-depth study of the customs and traditions of cultures rooted in the territories explored. The taste for the rediscovery of unknown and suggestive places is then accompanied by the sympathy of the protagonists, willing to "make a show" by experimenting with unknown dishes, bizarre activities and unpredictable encounters. From each of these meetings, and in general from every adventure, an amusing story unfolds which, Littizzetto underlines, the more authentic it is, the more you notice.

A winning dualism, the one between food and travel, which the program successfully carries out and with the enthusiasm of its 'competitors'. Albanese testifies to it, catapulted to South Tyrol aboard an outdated jeep. At an altitude of 2400 meters he met a lady expert in medicinal herbs who thinks she is a witch, but also a boy who refines cheese in tunnels dating back to the Second World War. Paola Cortellesi instead went for mushrooms in Sila , between tiring treks and exhausting midges, listening to the stories of the local octogenarians in strict Calabrian. Of everything she has tasted, the giant 'nduja "as big as a sofa" and the sacchiettu, of which she says a piece is enough to feel full for a month, have impressed her above all. Marco Giallini went to Sicily, where he discovered the existence of vaccareddi and babbaluci, but also of watermelons and sheep intent on eating them. At Villa Necchi he makes a revelation: "In the end Cracco showered me with compliments on how I cooked"

In the meantime, let's taste some of the top secret dishes that will be served during the season. Among the most curious stands out the improbable combination in a hosomaki of a piece of pecorino cheese wrapped in nori seaweed. Meanwhile Albanese concludes by underlining how none of the "competitors" has ever had a script in hand: the strength of the format lies entirely in the improvisation, or rather in the game of reactions that are unleashed with respect to situations and places studied well in advance by the authors. But also in the quick responses of the competitors: "At first, answer as you come, instinctively: you don't need to be Woody Allen if you find yourself in front of a sort of witch" .

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